King Burblegut

Hail to the King!


Fighter specializing in standard goblin ambush and guerrilla tactics. Will multi-class into cavalier at a later time as he gains more exposure to human lands and battle tactics. Does not flinch away from danger but will lead the retreat and regroup so as to reverse a surprise in battle. Not a particularly gifted strategist but a natural combat leader for small skirmishes that would include the warriors of the tribe.



“King” Burblegut, the Rumble Tumble, chief of the Blood Broth Clan is a stark example of the duality of goblin-kind. Not the tallest among the tribe yet still an imposing figure that commands the respect of all who are friends to the green skins. The previous chief, long since forgotten in the last few weeks, had plagued the clan with excessive…. goblining. Raiding is fun and profitable but too much can bring down the wrath of the pink skins and their hoofed abominations. Having barely beaten back another raiding party of adventuring mercenaries attempting to thwart his fun, then Mongrel Burblegut turned his horsechopper upon his rabid kin with the backing of the chief’s own adviser, Hobblefoot. The accusation, trial, defense, sentencing, and execution were carried out in one swift swing punctuated by a word that has no translation in common. Some elven scholars believe the closest expression would be an angry stare followed by smearing your enemy’s blood in your own eyes while beating your chest. The mercenaries were stunned by the sudden turn of the battle and believed that all of the goblins had turned on each other in their blood lust! They were quickly cut down though as now Chief Burblegut barked twice and the intruders were peppered with spears from the direction of nearly every hiding spot in the village.

A great coronation feast was held to celebrate the victory with the adventurers being the dishes of honor. A single challenge to the seat of goblin power for the clan was issued and quickly struck down by the new chief as his trusty boar, Longpig, tore the dissenter apart. Hobblefoot and Chief Burblegut had agreed before the coup that while raiding smaller settlements was easy and fun work, it tended to stir up a lot of adventurers and mercenaries and defending the village was beginning to wear on the horde. A new direction had to be taken. Burblegut proclaimed himself the first goblin King and vowed to unite the hordes to cement their place on the mountain! Burblegut would see his people thrive and flourish against the pink skins by studying the enemy. By finding their weaknesses and exposing their soft bellies to goblin teeth and claw and dogslicer, Burblegut would see his shadow grow over the mountain, maybe even getting the attention of The Fire Below.

King Burblegut

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