the librarian of the goblin horde


Hocktoo is small and thin compared to most goblins, about 45 lbs with large brown eyes and thin wisps of dark hair, laying flat atop his head, covered in what is most likely goblin spit. He wears a red human child’s shirt with great pride, a gift from the king. He keeps his legs covered with what appears to be human pants but it is impossible to tell due to the large shirt he wears. His nose is small compared to most goblins and his lips are rather large making his face appear squashed.


Once know as Fartnose Grumm, the simple fighter goblin of the Blood Broth tribe. He became Hocktoo the Bookreader after The Great Feast of the New King. After many games of bone dice and way too many drinks of rotted fruit drink a bet was made to see who could stand on their head and drink at the same time. The loser was to drink the two potions that were raided from the man with the funny hat. After many attempts, Fartnose failed miserably and was forced to drink the two unknown potions. Not to lose face Fartnose drank both potions very quickly, and instantly knew he had made a mistake. The potions were drafts of greater intelligence and poor Fartnose was now the most intelligent goblin of all time! It did not take long for the other goblins to realize the change and to tell the King of his transformation. After some thought the king had decided to use this to his advantage and turned Fartnose into Hocktoo the book reader. To show honor of his greatness to all goblins, it was decided that all goblins must spit in his face before talking to Hocktoo to show respect. Of course with his great intelligence Hocktoo knew that this was disgusting and completely unnecessary but did not want to upset the king and be forever exiled from his goblin kind. Hocktoo has gained a large library of many books from all races and all types of occupations. He has used the time to teach himself magic and magical writings, along with every language and their writings as well. Hocktoo has hidden how truly smart he has become from all the goblins in fear that they will no longer accept him, forcing him into the world he has only read about in so many books.


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